Cutting-edge noninvasive detection.

To increase testing compliance by decreasing discomfort.




Currently, there is no immediate diagnosis or combined diagnosis-treatment option for gynecologic malignancies such as cervical, ovarian, and endometrial cancers. This leaves patients vulnerable to greater health risks, including infertility, and the potential of other aggressive types of side effects or risks to quality of life. On a yearly basis there are 7.2 million new cases of cancer of the female reproductive system, of which up to 266,000 result in deaths for cervical cancer. 

Our Vision

A microneedle mediated diagnostic patch that detects early onset of cervical cancer, replacing invasive procedures such as the Pap Smear and colposcopies. The digitized medical device, is able to detect novel targets within 30-45 min. - equivalent to a clinical visit. Providing benefits to health professionals for better management of guidelines and improved patient outcomes.  


Curiva is committed to reducing the incidence of cervical cancer by increasing testing compliance through a non-invasive diagnostic patch. Our patient-centric products deliver accurate, same-day results while reducing diagnostic costs for healthcare providers.



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diapatch™ screens and detects —


CIN II biomarkers


CIN III biomarkers

HPV biomarkers


Seamless and effortless integration into busy, modern lifestyles, allowing for streamlined, higher quality patient care during the usual women wellness visit or consult with family medicine practitioner, gynecologist, or gynecologic oncologist. 

Accurate, quick,

and noninvasive diagnosis 

diapatch™ CER  — designed with patients that have had a series of abnormal Pap Smears in mind, it provides an additional tool prior to detect and monitor disease burden prior to colposcopies.

diapatch™ HPV — supports patients wanting a non-invasive, lower anxiety option for yearly well women's exams. Not only capturing the screening market but also facilitating screening of HPV at earlier ages.



Faster, more accurate diagnosis
Non-invasive approach for easier workflow and patient care
Same-day results for appropriate patient triaging, follow-up procedures, and treatment options



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