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Cervical Cancer Diagnosis - one patch at a time

Non-invasive, higher accuracy, same day results compared to the standard of care - Pap smear or Colposcopy

A non-invasive cervical cancer diagnostic patch

Our flagship product, diaPatch, is a novel microneedles patch that detects cervical cancer biomarkers. It has many distinct advantages over the Pap smear test. diaPatch™ is a triage tool at the interphase of the Pap smear and the colposcopy. 


Applying a diaPatch is as easy as putting on a smart bandage - known as a wearable. A Pap smear is not and it's invasive because it requires a tissue swab from the cervix. 

Faster Results

diaPatch™ allows for results to be available during the clinical visit while Pap smear results take up to 2 weeks or longer. A scenario that causes much anxiety for patients. 

Higher Sensitivity

diaPatch™ has a sensitivity of 98% while the Pap smear has a sensitivity of 55.4%. This leads to fewer false negatives.

Higher Specificity

diaPatch™ has a specificity of 99.5% while the Pap smear has a sensitivity of 96.8%. This leads to fewer false positives.

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shutterstock_1657157734_edited_edited_edited 2.jpg

The Patient Experience

1. A healthcare professional places the patch on the patient's external lower pelvic region

2. Patient waits 30 min for fluid to be analyzed once sampled

3. Patch is removed

4. Results are given during the same clinical visit

5. The companion app - the ELLEApp provides results to both the provider and the patient. It has reminders to support patient compliance, integrates with EHRs, and streamlines follow-ups or referrals by scheduling these right away 

Unsettling Pap Smear Facts


Pap smears Performed Annually in the US


True Positives Are Missed


Women Experience Anxiety Before the Procedure


To Receive Test Results

Our Milestones

PCT Patent

Currently Fundraising

NSF I-Corps Program

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Membership and Accelerators

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Want to be the first to use diaPatch?

diaPatch is currently under development. If you want to be the first to use diaPatch then sign up for our email chain and we will reserve a spot for you.

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