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Curiva is headquartered in Goshen, Indiana with a presence in Chicago, IL and New Haven, CT.  


Our Vision

Curiva is committed to reducing the incidence of gynecologic cancers by delivering faster, more accurate results through a non-invasive diagnostic patch. Our innovative, patient-centric products deliver more sensitive, same-day results while reducing diagnostic costs for healthcare providers. We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy life, and we are passionate about using our technologies to make that reality. 

Our Mission

To provide a microneedles-mediated diagnostic patch, diaPatch, for detection of early onset of cervical cancer, replacing invasive procedures such as the Pap smear and colposcopy. The digitized medical device is able to detect novel targets during the clinical visit. Overall, diaPatch will provide benefits to healthcare professionals for better management of guidelines, improved patient compliance, and outcomes.

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