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diaPatch™ is non-invasive wearable diagnostic patch that utilizes microneedles to extract liquid biopsy samples from the pelvic region, and a novel assay to detect biomarkers of interest for cancers affecting women. 


diaPatch screens and detects -

  • CIN II Biomarkers

  • CIN III Biomarkers

  • Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers

What Makes diaPatch Great?

diaPatch combines microneedles with a novel assay to sample and detect cervical cancer biomarkers with high sensitivity and quick results that can be given by the end of the clinical visit.

Seamless and effortless integration into busy, modern lifestyles, allows for streamlined, higher quality patient care during the annual women's wellness visit or consult with a family medicine practitioner, gynecologist, or gynecologic oncologist. Therefore streamlining providers workflow and increasing patients compliance. 

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